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Welcome to my website! This is a website about me, Boris, built by me using Github Pages and Jekyll for the purpose of learning something new! As well, it serves to showcase some of my previous projects.

About me

My name is Boris and I’m a recent Computing Science Specialization with the Game Development Certificate graduate from the University of Alberta. I was also an executive (Senior Representative specifically) for the Undergraduate Association of Computing Science in my last year. I’ve always been fond of technology and passionately believe that it can achieve just about anything! Hence, I decided to go into a technology-based field to study and learn how to shape the world around me. There isn’t much more satisfying than putting together something and seeing it perform or do something, from something simple like sorting a list to more advanced problems like building a bot to play StarCraft 2! When I’m not tinkering with something, you’ll likely find me playing board games or enjoying the great outdoors (when it’s not too cold)!

Fun facts about me:

  • I worked at a summer camp for several summers and got to lead activities like the climbing wall, zip-line and canoeing
  • I built a StarCraft 2 bot in a team in a semester that placed 2nd out of 10 bots
  • I can speak Russian fairly fluently and even read and write a little
  • Some of my favourite board games include: Dominion, Space Alert, Coup, The Resistance: Avalon and Galaxy Trucker

Photo of me Here’s a photo of me at Camp Yowochas leading a high ropes activity!


Below are a series of various projects and things I’ve been involved in, mostly relating to software development or game making.


To finish the Game Development Certificate in my final semester, Winter 2019, I took the capstone course which focused on making a game from start to finish in one semester without any hand holding! From here, I lead a small team to make Fragments!

Read more and download the game here

Git Emotional

I participated in the 2019 HackED at the University of Alberta! I worked together with 3 other brilliant students to build a tool that tracks the sentimental state of a Github repository based off commit messages!

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StarCraft 2 Bot - “SegFault”

Over the course of the Fall 2018 semester, working in a team of 4, we built a StarCraft 2 bot (named SegFault) from scratch and competed against other teams in the class. Our bot placed 2nd out of 10.

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Black Soul

Over Spring/Summer 2018, myself and 4 friends set out to make a 30-minute game prototype. Black Soul was the resulting outcome.

Read more and download the game here


Over Reading Week in November 2018, I sat down for 48 hours in a team of 4 to build Oneshot, a short game using Godot 3.

Read more and download the game here

Outdoors Club Database

In Fall 2018, I worked with the University of Alberta Outdoors Club to create a rental application to reduce the waste of paper and help simplify the Outdoor Club’s workflow.

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Research Assistant - Information Extraction

In Summer 2018, I worked under Dr. Davood Rafiei to extract facts and information from article-based corpea.

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Lost Light

In Winter 2017, I worked in a 6 person team to build a 30-minute game over the course of the semester using RPG Maker VX Ace. We went on to win an award and had a pretty sweet game too!

Read more and download the game here

Project Attitude

During Winter 2017, I worked on a 5 person team to build an android application similar to Twitter but for moods instead!

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In Fall 2017, I made an adventure game using Twine 2 in a six person team. The primary constraint was that it had to be a text-based game.

Read more and download the game here